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Phone Tree

On or about 6am on a morning of an event when weather seems prohibitive for a planned activity Herb Morelad and Bob Cory will discuss the need for postponement. If a postponement is d deemed necessary by 2 of the 3 the following phone tree will thus be activated: Each person MUST call those listed in the bullets One indent below thier names. That person calls the person(s) listed one indent below thier names etc.

Ernie Shepherd

  • Ray Glenn
    • Maryln Harmon
  • Tony Argona
    • Carole Turner
  • Bill Hardy
    • Ernie Shepherd

John Batluck

  • Sonny Tucker
    • Bill Thayer
      • Joe Matt
    • Ivan Knee
  • Stuart Neff
    • Rock Catterton
      • John Batluck
    • Jim Quigley
      • Herb Moreland
  • Bernie Lerch
    • Tina Paul
  • Bill Lerch
    • Earl Griffith
  • Don Arthur
    • Bill Krebs
      • Carter Shepherd
    • Dan Pflum

It is important that the chain not be broken. If you do not reach the member in person, leave a message, but you must call the next person listed under the person you are calling until you talk to someone in person....